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All proceeds go to my campaign, so I can continue to fight to keep Idaho free and safe.  thank you for all your support!



Please join my grassroots movement by getting your own Ashley Jackson yard sign, for you and your friends and family.  

What I Believe

 *Just a quick note.. When I started this journey, I didn’t realize how triggered some would be about my party affiliation. Republicans have been demonized by traditional and social media as racist, homophobic, xenaphobic, heartless and cruel people. NOTHING could be further from the truth about me, my family, or my friends and neighbors, nearly all of which are proud members of the G.O.P. 

I love America and my home state of Idaho. I love people and strive to see the best in every individual. Even if you disagree with any, or all of my political stances, I hope we can do so respectfully.

I give you my word that during this campaign I will not engage in bullying, name calling, or mudslinging. I’ve heard that’s just how politics are, but I don’t believe that's how it has to be. 

I expect more of myself, and we should all expect more from our elected leaders.

I am a small government Conservative through and through. I share the fundamental beliefs in America’s founding documents, in self government, and that individuals thrive most when unburdened by taxes and regulation. As Governor, my knee jerk reaction to nearly any situation or challenge will be to reject Federal control and mandates, including those concerning vaccines and masks. States and individual rights are under attack by the current administration, and I will fight tooth and nail for Idaho and its residents. 


One of the principals most under attack by Washington D.C. is gun rights. I believe The Constitution is very clear on this issue; “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” I will fight for your 2nd Amendment rights wherever, whenever and however I can. My dad is an outfitter and firearms dealer to this day. I’ve been around guns my entire life, I own several, and I shoot often. I encourage all residents of Idaho, especially the ladies, to do the same. And if you don’t know how, I’ll help you! A well armed society is a free and safe one. I am a LIFETIME member of the NRA.


I have heard and share the concerns of so many parents today about the left wing ideology schools are forcing on kids all around this country. Good teachers are so important and should be rewarded, but bad ones should be fired. We need to shift the power away from teachers unions, especially The NEA, and return it to parents. Divisive and destructive ideas like Critical Race Theory, gender ideology and climate change panic will not be a part of Idaho’s school curriculum under my administration. We need to get back to the basics. Reading, writing & arithmetic, physical education and opportunity for kids to explore their talents, like music, art, athletics, and intellectual debate are what our children need. I believe a bill similar to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, which will soon be signed into law by Governor DeSantis, would be a step in the right direction for Idaho.


I believe in low taxes, as low as possible. In fact, I think it’s obscene that Idaho is sitting on a nearly billion dollar budget surplus! While many politicians are eyeing ways to spend that money, I aim to see it returned to the hard working taxpayers who were overcharged. A great way to do that would be through substantial cuts in the gas and food taxes, which would provide relief to many Idaho families during this period of runaway inflation. With my plan to increase our economic freedom and revenue, I see more tax cuts in Idaho’s future.


Our Southern border is in crisis. Under the policies of President Trump illegal crossings were at nearly an all-time low. By reversing most of those policies, the Brandon Administration has driven them to an all-time high! Governor Abbot has recently deployed Texas National Guard forces in an attempt to stem the tide. I support him in doing so, and my administration will work with border state governors to help in this effort. 

I believe we need strong, merit based, legal immigration policies. States who rely heavily on agriculture, like Idaho, benefit from seasonal guest worker programs. But the invasion of illegal immigrants must stop immediately. Without secure borders America risks losing its sovereignty.

The skyrocketing cost of housing is a problem in many fast growing states like Idaho. Supply is not keeping up with demand. As Governor I would take steps to rezone and redevelop high growth areas for higher-density and mixed-use housing, allowing more units that can be purchased by lower income and first time buyers. Changes could be made in our tax code to incentivize local land-owners and builders to expand supply, and dis-incentivize out-of-state developers out to make a quick buck.

And mostly I will work to expand our economy and cut taxes, allowing Idahoans to make more, and keep more of the money they make to offset the increase in housing costs

  • I support law enforcement, front line worker, first responders and soldiers with all my heart and soul.
  • I believe Idaho can manage its public lands better than D.C. bureaucrats.
  • I share the frustrations of big tech censorship, especially of conservative ideas and voices.  My administration will take action to punish platforms that do so.  
  • And while I don't agree with everything in SB 1309, I believe abortion should be heavily regulated and as rare as possible.

Those are just a few of my ideas and the conservative values I hold. It’s easy to talk about things we all agree on, thus the term “preaching to the choir”. It’s a much bigger challenge, and a more vulnerable feeling, to disagree with your own.

 #Idaho and The Republican Party are on the wrong side of Cannabis.

 There has been an active mis and disinformation campaign against Cannabis for over 100 years.


Cannabis is not a dangerous or illicit drug. Its medical benefits for adults and children alike are undeniable! Cannabis has proven to be a useful tool in reducing opioid addiction, regulating epileptic seizures, treating glaucoma and reducing anxiety. It increases appetite for cancer patients being treated with chemotherapy and radiation. For adults it can be relaxing, inspiring, and fun. It also helps with insomnia, and reduces inflammation.   


Idaho spends and loses huge amounts of money keeping this amazing plant illegal. Legal Cannabis has made Colorado’s schools some of the most well funded in America. Idaho could use the extra dollars not only to improve schools but also for conservation, roads, outdoor recreation, health care and so much more, all without raising taxes! 


 And maybe most importantly, Cannabis is a personal freedom issue. For those born and raised here like me, as well as many of our new friends, living in Idaho offers the freedom we seek. Most Idahoans I know are rugged individuals. They love our cold winters as much as our hot summers, they cherish our jagged mountains and roaring rivers. They work sun up to sun down, sometimes longer, on our farms and ranches. 

 And they have no desire for government control over their choices. 

 You can buy vodka made by an Idaho craft distillery with locally grown potatoes, but not a brownie or a joint made by an Idaho bakery with Cannabis grown by one of our amazing farmers... 

 Don’t you wonder why?

 Especially when you can, and many Idahoans do, in nearly all our bordering states.

 It just doesn’t make sense.  

Legalizing Cannabis and industrial hemp is the right thing to do for Idaho. It’s beneficial for our state’s agriculture and health care. It unburdens law enforcement. And, it provides jobs and income to a diverse group of skilled professionals as well as many cities, counties and the State as a whole.

But legalizing Cannabis is about more than just money. It restores our commitment to the ideas of States Rights and personal freedom. I know America’s founders would agree. I’m running to be the first Pro-Cannabis Republican Governor in the United States, but I promise I won’t be the last! 

Republicans need to stop ceding this issue to Democrats.

When we’re wrong, we should say we’re wrong,

and make a change!

 My call for change is not a call to reinvent the wheel on conservative values. I’m talking about a change from the embarrassing bicker fest this primary has become with our current leadership. Many of us feel like we’re eavesdropping on an angry couples therapy session. 


Let’s reject all the noise and move forward together in a common sense conservative direction!