Bold as the Color Red

Bold as the Color Red

Written by Kim Zierlein | June 13, 2021


When the color red is mentioned what comes to mind?

  • Hot
  • Bold
  • Bright
  • Passionate
  • Apples
  • Cherries
  • Patriotism
  • Red Dirt Road


The list can go on and on! This color is so eccentric and bold that it is a defining moment for any woman to put on this color and associate with it. Red is something that embraces a person in a whole new light when it comes to fashion.


Be bold ladies. Be bright. Be that woman that steps out each morning making a statement from head to toe. It is important to love what you wear and wear what you love. There is no other reason to be bold, and hot, and passionate about who you are out loud then for yourself.


Cowboy Outlets is the place for you! Check out these amazing styles pre 4th of July to step out and make a statement. Express the exotic side of you in a bright red color and accessorize with an amazing Stetson boot.


The Boot Babes highly recommend pivotal life-changing boot fashion as a must to any woman’s wardrobe. Take a look at these amazing exotics for your 4th of July celebration.

(Exotic and bold boot for a bold lady)


The following options are Kim’s top picks for red standouts for your day out celebrating what the West embraces…independence.


Option 1:

(great red dress summer fashion find)


Option 2:

(pair this great red tank with a western bolo& denim to finish your 4th of July look)


Option 3:

(go peasant top, jeans, and boots to any outdoor bbq)


Here is a link to all things red for Cowboy Outlets in the female fashion department!

(Fits True to Size)



Set a standard and a statement. You not only stand out; you embrace the identity of western culture. The West is about independence. In your fashion be independent to not fit the mold. You are the mold so make the fashion fit you!


Check out these two fierce options to CLASSICALLY stand out in any crowd.

These are a must HAVES from!

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